A bit of excitement has just warbled through our shop floor.  A Fortuner that needs to look, mean, lean and be a machine wants a custom look.  I must say though that the new grille and bull bars look very “beeeeg” and very American.  Remember everything is supposed to be bigger and better over there but they have not met our boytjies yet.  As always, we will pull this task off admirably.  Never mess with a man that can braai hey?

A bit of sadness for all the car enthusiasts is the sinking of the Felicity Ace all the way to the bottom of the sea.  This happened in the mid-Atlantic ocean and guess what was on board?  Sporty Porsches, stately Bentleys, powerful Lamborghinis, and a number of exclusive custom-made vehicles for disappointed owners.  Guess March will not be a good month for insurers with the loss estimated at $401 000 000.  Yes!  That’s four hundred and one million dollars.  Big moola in any language.

On a lighter note.  Range Rover has refined the local Velar lineup for this year.  Able to travel for 50 kms on a single charge (that’s around the block just a few times) the pplug-inhybrid version might just be the thing for us struggling mortals trying to navigate the petrol price. Anyone feel like a spin in this electric gem?  Now, now.  Don’t bring your BMs for wheel spins please.